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Raphie Frank is a New York City-based interactive producer, writer, photographer and designer with sixteen years of hands-on cross-industry experience in a variety of managerial, creative and technical capacities in media including journalism, film & video, theater, music, commercial design and marketing communications. At heart, however, he considers himself a storyteller with the desire to tell reality-based stories with “happy, hopeful” endings. He is currently engaged in a process to create the stories he wants to write about within a business context and plans a return to graduate school to study economic sociology.

PORTFOLIOS ::::: producing ::::: writings ::::: photography ::::: design


Founder: Business Artivism
New York • December 2005 – present
Business Artivism is a business model for the 21st Century Information Age with an underlying philosophy that aims to enfranchise and monetize vast, untapped societal reservoirs of creative talent and goodwill. Primarily Media- and Internet-driven, Business Artivism is differentiated from standard “Corporate Good Citizen” business model by it’s bottom-up, personal agency-based grass-roots blending of business, art and activism. Contributors to the business artivist network are themselves the network’s greatest promoters, in part because expenditures of time and creative energy are valued on a par with monetary investment. Organic growth from inside is encouraged while not excluding newcomers. Projects currently in development include Blogs, an eCommerce Product launch and sundry, but related, Image-based enterprises.

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:: What the hell is “boojummy”?

Prague • 1993
Asylum, an underground café/theater/art gallery in the heart of Prague, served as a home for numerous ongoing and special events. Programmed theater, lectures, round table discussions, film screenings, concerts, readings and art exhibits etc.; Managed cafe & mostly volunteer staff; and oversaw community outreach and public relations efforts.

related writings:
:: Planning Warhol in Prague: The Asylum Culture House & The Warholesquian Sensibility
:: Planning Warhol in Prague: Kafka & The “Refounding” of the Prague Culture House
:: Performing Cultures: English Language Theatres in Post-Communist Prague by Dr. Gwen Orel

Founder & Co-Director
Vassar College • Poughkeepsie, NY • 1987, 1988
Conceived, developed and directed the first two of what evolved into an annual week long “Step Beyond” festival designed to increase student involvement in the local community. Coordinated staff of 150 students. Oversaw PR and fundraising campaign. Organized guest speakers and entertainment. Activities included a volunteer push into the community, speeches, debates, and the “36 Hour Ultimate Frisbee Marathon for Hunger Action” Events received the Innovative Programming Award (National Association of Campus Activities, 1987) and the Francis Aaron Hess Award for Community Involvement (1988) and helped President Frances Fergusson cement her legacy as the Vassar President to do most to improve relations with the local community.

:: Giving A Damn :: Back to the Future


New York City • 2004- 2005
Conducted 50 interviews for a Top 100 New York City-focused blog named Forbes 2004 pick as “Best City Blog.”

Well-versed in a range of Marketing Communication and business-style communications, including, but not limited to Industry-related Articles, Press Releases, Case Studies and Marketing Copy (e.g. responsible for the bulk of website copy while at swandivedigital). Additional writings include political essays, personal histories, and a variety of creative compositions including songs, short stories and poems.


Senior Producer / Partner
New York City • December 2000— February, 2005

Full service design and integrated marketing communications agency. Range of engagements encompassed identity & logo development; website development (inclusive of database architectures, content management systems and blog implementations), corporate marketing and communication campaigns (i.e. report design & production, email list management and delivery, trade show materials, direct mail), advertising (i.e. print ads, online banners) and video production. Clients have included The Task Force on National Security in the Information Age, The Markle Foundation, The Shubert Foundation, Connecting For Health, Cepacol, The Shubert Organization, Dreyfus Records, Metamorphoses on Broadway, Enron and Referral Networks.


Account Management: Client interface, concept & strategy • RFP responses and proposal writing • Lead generation & client acquisition • Maintenance of precise and clear communication between client and project team • Keep abreast of developing industry and technology trends • Development of swandive promotional materials.

Project Management: Team assembly and coordination • Budget estimation • Project Plan development • Scheduling • Delivery of project deliverables in timely fashion; meeting or exceeding creative standards and technical benchmarks • Vendor research, negotiation and management (both interactive and print related)

Online Marketing: Search engine optimization and placement • Email list management and delivery • Occasional media buys and trafficking

User Experience: Research and ensure implementation of usability & universal accessibility online best practices • Site maps and page schematics. • Developed User-centric Assessment method to quantitatively rate Website Usability along parameters of Usefulness, Ease of Use, Efficiency, Engagement and Trustworthiness.

related writings:
:: :: The User-Centric Guide to Web Design

New York City • March 2005 — present

Internet strategy and design consulting with a focus on non-profits, the arts and small business. Have functioned variously in an advisory capacity, as part of a team, and as a one-stop shop offering strategy, design, editorial, photographic, programming and project management services. Partcicular competencies include Usable Design (including Section 508 compliance) Online Branding & Strategy, Account & Project Management, Content Development and Viral Marketing. Clients have included Swandivedigital, Adele Twig, Melissa Ferrer, Tilefish, Inc., The Levee, eMedia and Jed Films. In association with Swandivedigital, clients have included The Markle Foundation, Connecting for Health, Just for Men and Just for Men Select

related writings:
:: Say It Again Sam, Don’t Pay it Again
:: The New Internet Math
:: Dollars & Sense


Still Photography
New York City, Prague • 1994 – present
Theatrical publicity & performance photography and digital photography for usage in original design output. Highlights have included Blackbird (London, 2002), Quentin Crisp for Resident Alien (NYC, 2001, 2002), A Thread In The Dark (NYC, 2002), Liz Estrada (NYC, 2002), No Tragedy, Conference of the Birds, Angels In America, and A Christmas Carol (Prague, 1994 – 1996).

Film & Video
New York City • 1997 – present
Cinematography & Videography highlights have included Bacchus, an award winning 16mm short film for Bacchus Productions (DP, Co-Producer & Co-Writer, 1997); What is to be Done?, a 20 minute video short (DP, 1998); A Simple Gesture, 16mm short film, (Director David Snedeker, co-DP, 1997); Here Everything Still Floats and Whitney Biennial ’97 DV short film & documentary (Director Michael Rush, Operator, 1997 &1998); and Bass Method, Piano Method I & II educational videos for eMedia (DP, 2001, 2002, 2005)
no reel currently available. work samples available upon request

Film Lighting Technician
Gaffer, Best Boy, Electrician, Grip
New York City • 1990 – 1992, 1993, 1996 – 2001

Over 150 film projects in various lighting technician capacities on such feature films as Happiness, Empire, Niagara, Niagara, Hangin’ with the Homeboys; television shows(i.e. “100 Centre Street“); music videos for such known artists as The Strokes, The Fugees, Foxy Brown, Tom Jones, and Billy Joel; commercials, industrials and shorts. Member IATSE Local 52.
partial credit list available at IMDB.com

Theatrical Lighting Design
Prague, New York • 1994 – 1996, 1998
Envisioned, drafted and executed lighting concepts to underscore and complement directorial vision. Incorporated artistic styles ranging from naturalism to expressionism and social realism. 20 + Productions. Highlights include A Christmas Carol (Director Jesse Webb, Prague, 1994), No Tragedy (Director Peter Dubois, Prague, 1995), Itaka 2888 (Choreographer Petr Tyc, Czech Republic and Poland,1996), and Arcadia (Director Mervyn Willis, Visiting Artist at U. of Rochester, 1998)
portfolio available upon request, online portfolio forthcoming


Vassar College, 1990
Dual Degrees: Dramatic Writing & Psychology
Thesis Topic: Sam Shepard & the Philosophy of Roads

16 years of self-study of art, philosophy, history, design, world events, politics, financial markets, computer programming & human interaction; extensive travel throughout Europe and The United States.

Software Proficiencies: Blogger software such as Movable Type & WordPress, Photoshop, MS Office suite, MS Project, Omnigraffle (similar to Visio), BBEdit (handcoding), Dreamweaver, Contribute, HTML , CSS Stylesheets, Lyris ListManager. Familiar with: Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Quark Xpress, Final Cut Pro

More detailed media-specific resumes and/or portfolios available upon request


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