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Life @ the Speed of Phi: Falling into sky?

Falling Into Sky? courtesy of the marvellously talented Giampaolo Macorig

To jump without a net is the scariest thing imaginable. It is the essence of courage. To weave a net first is the smartest… The Definition of Insanity is to jump without a net believing you can weave the net midair.


More quotes and aphorisms by Raphie Frank for inclusion in “Life @ the Speed of Phi,” a book to be illustrated by photographers the world over.

Read Interview with Robert Margolis, director, writer, psychologist, economist and actor.

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Fighting for the Zight: Angels, Tricksters & Light

design and concept by Raphie Frank and Mattijn Franssen

Coming Soon, one voice, one idea and one dollar at a time.

Full Size Mockup
Photo Page Mockup

NOTE: A portion of proceeds raised will go to yet TBD non-profits, including CIVIC, because the work that Marla Ruzicka began is work we should all continue.

Read: A Christmas Story for Marla Ruzicka, part of Flitter, Glitter, Jiggle & Jag: 11 Compositions, Progressions and Impressions in the key of Z.

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Flitter, Glitter, Jiggle & Jag

11 Compositions, Progressions & Impressions in the key of Z
for translation into sound, image, movement & light
choreography by Caribeth Klemundt somewhere in New York somewhere some time…

“pink” by Chrisseserville

If I can I will mold your heart straight past the stone
To the Michaelengeloed koan
On the left side of tears to the right side of home
Where left is just right and just left is all gone.

Your inside my right side, my left side your out
We can flitter and glitter and jiggle and jag
And then I’ll always be with you as you spin through my light
Like thunder of plunder feathered blossoms of lime
Lotused blind rapture I promise never to hide

As you flitter and glitter and jiggle and jag
Your skiff, scuffed glassed spirit back to the top of the crag
Where the spun lake of silk honey-toppped by soft milk
Lets you flitter and glitter and jiggle and jag
Dancing to tunes we both hear from inside

On top as below, in rhythm or stag
Inside from the inside and outside the same
Angel and Monster, guide through the gloam
Your body I want just when you are home

My inside your outside and my left side your out
We will flitter and gltter and jiggle and jag
And tumble through terror knowing neither nor lag.
I know what I want my sweet angled angel inside
She’s already mine and feels so free she is blind.

That flitter, that glitter, that jig and that jag
Are her very own heralds that the pumpkin inside
Has finally popped open jacko-laughingly laughingly
Like a cracked corn on skylight
Through the gloam came her light.

A Christmas Story for Marla Ruzicka
Visual Thinking in Bea Flat: Orange, Yellow Progression to the White Side of the Zight
Ghost Writers in the Sky
A Thousand Points of Light Through an Ariadne Maze
Tomorrow’s Melody
I See… Living People
Art as Light and a Smiled Melody
Korean Kickboard Terrors
By the Morning Light
And I Haven’t Danced Since He Died (by Mariana Tomas)
Dancing With a Ten Year Old Teacher
Picture From a Long Ago Dream: The Red Desert

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Visual Thinking in Bea Flat :: Yellow Orange Progression to the White Side of the Zight

a movie by joy dietrich
still photo of Jenny from Tie a Yellow Ribbon : a new film by director joy dietrich

Yo Bea, “Trade secret” up. Just two words for fear. But Victoria’s secret? Yeah baby! THAT is freedom. The freedom to be as sexy as you can be. You, Bea, GOT to love it or be just another Bigot thinking, what “Who Me?” But yo, Bea, word up, a lot of Bigots, whether by the Bagot Tubes or fag*ot, might have been a little bit o’ beat up. Don’t you think you should at least TRY to understand and give a little helping hand? Like a swallow from the pavement, it’s sometimes hard… The rat and the bird, the frog and the scorpion are one THROUGH TIME, but the Zen odds say, this go around is just the only one in this form and there ain’t no joy in being dead like a broken Misty Dubalu. That’s why you gotta dance until you’re red, ‘cause there’s a red red clock, baby, and we’ Be dancing on that table. ALL of us are dancing. So, blow it girl or blow it but don’t tell me you don’t know it!

I know. You got beat up. So did I. And then we beat up each other. Just call it a B-side melody with an A-side whiplash like NOBODY business…

The way I see it, the best way to deal with it is to just write a better tune and flip the A-side to the B-side and the B-side to the Z. Put it away folks and let it sleep because there’s a piper man a playin’ to a wholly brand new beat. Flip the Z side to the B side and the A side to the C. That my friends is how you navigate the darkness; to turn the fright into a kite and the sorrow into sight…

Flitter, Glitter, Jiggle & Jag


Visit the Tie a Yellow Ribbon Website
Learn more about writer/director Joy Dietrich
Read Variety Review.


February 2007
Tie a Yellow Ribbon is nominated Best Narrative Feature Film at San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival 2007.

More News and Press

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Hope on Hope: Flitter, Glitter, Jiggle & Jag @ Williamsburg’s Hope Lounge

Williamsburg Brooklyn

Contextual Productions presents…

Flitter, Glitter, Jiggle & Jag
1000 Points of Light from the Ariadne Edge

Sunday, April 29th
7:30 pm – 11:30 pm
@ Hope Lounge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Music, Poetry & Community

Annie Lin (+ friend) (story folk with an edge)
John Epperly (country grunge)
The Ravages (unplugged indie rock)

And readings from the Ariadne Edge

ZIGHTLIGHT, The Asylum Roundtable, and more…

$5.00 suggested donation, more or less, or whatever makes you comfortable.


Visit the Hope Lounge Website designed by Eric Zill

Map and Directions



#1 A Christmas Story for Marla Ruzicka
#3 Ghost Writers in the Sky
#8 And I Haven’t Danced Since He Died (by Mariana Tomas)
For more readings from the Ariadne Edge please go here

UPDATE: 4/28/2007

#1 was movingly performed last night by method actor Brett Fleisher
#3 was performed to individual small groups by Raphie Frank
#8 was performed by a feisty Carolyn Fischer, who quieted a heckler in decisive fashion

Thank you for all those who attended and special thanks to Mr. Jonathan Cohen, owner of the Hope Lounge, for taking the first step with many local Williamsburg artists to start something special.

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Pressure is Aggression to the Monkey in the Man

Foundry no. 2 by egg theorem. UPDATE: Dedicated by Raphie on 4/13/2007 to the Man Without a Country,” Kurt Vonnegut (RIP)

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Pressure is aggression

These words, come to me direct from the keyboard of talented Flickr photographer, writer and thinker, Mariana Tomas, kind of got me thinking in an eggs on the ceiling, blown gasket or “Let them eat cake” manner. See, I sent Mariana an email earlier today asking about something we are working on together, a book of aphorisms for the 21st Century Quantum Age called Life at the Speed of Phi, and she replied in a way only the artist might understand, that, more or less, she needed to get the time feng shui right.

What she meant by that — and the specific phrasing is mine, not hers — is that she didn’t want to pressure herself, pressure, she wrote, being “a form of aggression,” which I certainly understood in a “monkey on the back” kind of way, because I know a thing or two about monkeys, not unlike maybe that fellow in the photo up above might. Heck, sometimes, Type “A” dreamer that I am, it seems like I’ve got a whole zoo-full of monkeys hanging out on a few jungle gyms in different parts of my mind just licking their lips and waiting to pounce the first chance they get.

Anyway, as I said, it got me thinking. Just for “fun” apply that symbolic “monkey on the back” pressure we put on ourselves to entire country populations being told what to do by other countries or by their own governments. Apply that logic to people and peoples shut out of the American Dream in whatever language it is they dream. Apply it to folks who feel their choices have been taken away and their hopes for the future dashed. I bet they might just feel there’s a monkey or two hop-scotch tumbling about all over them and it might kind of irritate them.

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The New Demand Economy : Watch out for Latinland

Coastal Fog by Daryl Furr.

Imagine if CNN admitted it’s liberal dovish leanings? And Fox its, hawkish Conservative ones? Now THAT would be refreshing. They won’t, likely. It’d be bad for business, right?

For now.

But it’s only a matter of time before corporations — considered “individuals” before the law — declare political affiliations. Adam Smith will demand it from his grave because, you see, diffused rule by Corporation in a globalized economy is already upon us. We just don’t know it yet. But Warren Buffet does. It’s why he has willed most of his fortune to Microsoft maven Bill Gates’ Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. More on that another time — let’s just say my guess is that accountability and directed purpose, not possible in an Open Source Society has something to do with it — but the point is this:

The Rulers of the 21st century are no longer just the Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers and their minions, but the Boards of Directors and top corporate executives, meaning our votes will come in the form of the soap with which we wash, the toothpaste with which we brush and the sheets upon which we sleep.

Communist-style command economies were quite the rage in the 20th century. Perhaps the 21st century will usher in the age of the Demand Economy, because that’s how capitalism works, folks. If we demand, they will supply. A People United and all… ?

Speaking of which, I’ll throw sand in the eyes of anyone who tells me I ought not to be proud as heck to live in the United States of Saudi Arabia. Oops… I meant America. Just call it oil on the brain. But you know we’re in trouble when them furriners are even getting on to our money. I took a look at a dollar bill today. Know what it said?


Tell your friends, folks. I’ve never even heard of Latinland. This is BIG.

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A Blog to Watch :: The Long Goodbye

Sometimes, the headlines say it all…

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