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What is Death By Smiley Face?

Jane” by Daryl Furr

Read New York Times article Death by Smiley Face: When Rivals Disdain Profit

from O’Reilly’s Radar

Business theorists have started to grasp the risks to established businesses of asymmetric competition. (By analogy to the concept of asymmetric warfare, sometimes companies are competing with rivals whose different business model transforms the nature of the conflict. For example, the competition between Netscape and Microsoft was symmetric because both companies employed the software distribution business model, but the competition between Google and Microsoft, or (more granularly), between Firefox and IE or Linux and Windows, is asymmetric.)

But the NY Times points out an even more disruptive trend in an article entitled Death by Smiley Face: When Rivals Disdain Profit: “There is another breed of rival lurking online for traditional media, and it is perhaps the most vexing yet: call it purpose-driven media, with a shout-out to Rick Warren, the author of “A Purpose-Driven Life,” for borrowing his catchphrase. These are new-media ventures that leave the competition scratching their heads because they don’t really aim to compete in the first place; their creators are merely taking advantage of the economics of the online medium to do something that they feel good about. more

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