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off to another dimension” courtesy of Mattijn

So far ahead of the curve I’m right back where I began on the upside down side of the flip side. Yup, it’s true, I was just as big a dumma$$ almost 20 years ago…


from the Vassar Quarterly, Summer 1988
For 36 consecutive hours last September, Vassar students, students from other colleges, and people from the Poughkeepsie community raised money for local social services by playing Ultimate Frisbee — a competitive version of the usually laconic toss-and-catch-game — on the lawn of in front of Noyes. Money was raised from pledges and the sale of T-shirts and Frisbees. Hundreds participated, with President Frances Fergusson throwing out the first Frisbee. Proceeds — $6500 — went to the support of the Gannett House, a temporary shelter for Dutchess County homeless, and to Hunger Action.

The idea, says Steve Frank [aka Raphie Frank] ’89, marathon organizer and Ultimate Frisbee team member, arose on the playing field. “It was a good way of using something I already did to a good purpose.” Mr. Frank, who was subsequently appointed to the newly established President’s Advisory on Public Service, seems to blend a Sixtie’s ideal of social activism with an Eighties sense of aggressive management.

“I don’t believe in paying penance for being lucky or intelligent,” he says. “You can’t appeal to just people’s altruistic instincts. I want to create win/win situations. People have to get something out of volunteering. If Philaletheis puts on a play at Greenhaven,” he says by way of example, “the prisoners get culture, and for the performers, it’s another audience. That has nothing to do with volunteering. The volunteering aspect will be a side thing, but it may be that’s what a person gets most out of. That’s what happened to me with the Frisbee marathon.”


As for Mattijn’s picture up there, I say The Vortex spiral that takes you to another dimension can be a GOOD thing if it’s taking you back to the right side of the looking glass…

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