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A Couple Christmas Stories: for Marla Ruzicka, Willie Stargell and a Really Great Dad

Sami and Friends by Sean Sheridan

Dear [friend],

In the holiday spirit, I thought to share these with you. Feel free to pass along to anyone you feel might enjoy them.

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
My answer to you… is that, yes, Virginia, Santa still exists… And how do I know that? I know it always by the childlike faith we cling to that yet makes “tolerable this existence,” and by the intensity of the disappointment we still feel when that faith is injured. For me, at least, Santa Claus exists not just “as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist,” but perhaps even more so. In fact, it may just be that Santa and the childlike faith he gives us are exactly what make love, generosity and devotion possible in the first place…

A Christmas Story for Marla Ruzicka
There was once a war and many people died. There was also much collateral damage. The people were the collateral. And everyone saw who bothered to look, but pretended they didn’t. But there was one girl, a shining, sprite pixie of a blond with an amber smile who DID notice….

Kindest Regards,

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