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Urgent Action Required: save the 2017 Loft Law clean-up bill!

Ximena Garnica wrote:

We have a slim chance to convince Senator Jesse Hamilton to introduce a “same as” bill A8409 at the last minute. To do that the larger community needs to target 3 names with 3 different but related messages NOW!

Target 1: Send Senator Hamilton faxes and emails that show him that he can make a difference at this last hour and that his action of introducing a “same as” bill A8409 in the Senate will help keep hundreds of families in their homes. Tell him A8513 does not help keep families in their homes that are facing potential eviction this summer.

Target 2: Senator Klein, ask him to support a same-as bill A8409. Tell him that a “same as” bill A8409 will save hundreds of families from losing their homes.

Target 3: Senator Flanagan (he is a landlord supporter) but we need him to support a same-as bill that comes from Hamilton! Ok, who ever is out there GO GO! Let’s get this last minute’s action on.

Senator John J. Flanagan
Phone: 518-455-2071
Fax: 518-426-6904

Senator Jeffrey D. Klein
Phone: 518-455-3595
Fax: 718-822-2321

SENATOR from Central Brooklyn
Senator Jesse Hamilton
Phone: 518.455.2431
Fax: 518-426-6856

More about the Loft Law:
New York City Loft Tenants Association
More about Ximena:


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