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From Brooklyn to Down Under: The Eyes of an Artist


Untitled by Chrisseserville (New Zealand)

trishlet writes:
Chrisse’s stream has taught me so much about how life and art can be the same thing, how the lens can merge and translate them. I think it is not that her life is more beautiful than ours but that her sensibility is so closely attuned to all those subtle things that matter, all those things on which elegant sensuality depends. Thank you Chrisse for your eye and nudges toward all that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Caribeth Klemundt
Caribeth Klemundt & Alicia Robles by Raphie Frank

Flitter, Glitter, Jiggle & Jag
11 Compositions, Progressions & Impressions in the key of Z
for translation into sound, image, movement & light
choreography by Caribeth Klemundt somewhere in New York, Ohio or Oregon some time in the future…

Portraits of Uganda
Portraits of Uganda by Brian Reisinger (Brooklyn, New York)

The portrait says: Save the Darfur Puppy

Beef Burger Barrell
Beef Burger Barrell by Daryl Furr (Los Angeles)

Raphie writes:
Daryl brings luxuriant depth of detail and chromatic nuance to his work. He’s an artist who is able to visually imbue cars with radiant anima, and human models with gradient subtleties of character. In short, he has an eye that transforms the everyday object, person or cityscape into something new and unexpected and surprising.


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