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Universal Time and the Internet

Giamapalo Macorig
A Quiet Place in My Dreams, by Giampaolo Macorig (Italy)

The original posting to this “link” has been backdated to October 22, 2007, a bit like time travel of perception. See: Evolving Points of Reference – Cognitive Physics (Part IV: Conceptual Influences)

A couple points…

What jazz was to music, what digital technology was to still and moving images and sound, the blogosphere is to the human voice

The medium and message are now truly becoming one, meaning method and substance will become indistinguishable. The egg can come both before and after the chicken and the chicken can become a Javascripted rooster in the blink of an eye.

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Life at the Speed of Phi: Falling into Sky
Aphorisms for the Information Age

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Tomorrow’s Melody: A Letter (not) Lost in Translation to Brian Naughton

Christine Lebrasseur
photo by Christine LeBrasseur (France)

Hello Brian,

Indeed, as you say, “the spaces between things are important i feel! the spaces between each musical note.” Think about it. What’s the present if not tommorow’s melody in the making? And what are all our yesterdays but a series of notes that guide us towards tomorrow’s composition? In other words, the space between the musical notes is right here and now, the choices you and I and everyone make at each and every moment are as infinite in their possibility as the universe.

Speaking only for myself, I’ve no desire to live life in a minor key. Do you?



Bonjour Brian,

En effet, comme vous le dites, “les espaces entre les choses sont importants je le sens ! Les espaces entre chaque note de musique.” Pensez cela. A quoi sert le prsent s’il n’est pas de mlodie des lendemains ? Et qu’est ce qu’hier sinon des sries de notes qui nous guident vers la composition de demain ? En d’autres termes, l’espace entre les notes musicales est juste ici et maintenant, les choix que nous faisons vous et moi chaque instant sont aussi infini dans leur possibilit que l’univers.

Je parle seulement pour moi, je n’ai aucun dsir de vivre la vie dans sur une note mineure. Qu’en est il de vous ?



Translation by PhotoPoetiste Christine Lebrasseur. Christine on Flickr.

Visit Picture Post: to observe the talented Editorial Eye of London Photographer, Musician & Humanitarian, Brian Naughton. Brian on Flickr

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The Uniquety of Trust :: Ryan Curry

Bonassi Interactive Studio (c)
“Blue Moon” by Orbits of Bonassi Interactive Studio (Sao Paolo, Brazil)

originally posted Saturday, June 17, 2006 on Snipes, Logomancy & So So Psychosis

The context? A male model in Europe. Career newly revitalized, but then the lure of the party, the frantic awakening the next afternoon a couple countries away from the runway. The absurdity? I’ve his diary in front of me with carte blanche to post here whatever I want.

“Hello! Idiot?” I want to say. “Didn’t you just tell me about that friend who screwed you over and made you feel like an idiot for believing in him!?! Don’t you know better than that?!”

The sheer stupidity and, I might add, concomitant beauty of his trust astounds me. Why do I have his diary in front of me, you might ask? Simple as this. He ripped himself a new a$$hole by way of challenging himself to be better and wasn’t afraid to admit it to himself or to me. I told him I thought people might like to hear about that, might even be inspired by it, especially if put in a proper context.

Context? Okay. Shoot.

The context is that this person is one of the most hopeful, optimistic people I’ve ever come across. Really. But you’d never know it to read this…

Today is the day your paper walls came crashing in. Now and for the rest of your life. You’re not going to get those handout that you’re so fu*kin’ used to… Are you sick yet? Sick and tired of your bul$hit? So so many people believed in you this time! I’m not even going to ask why these things seem to happen to you so frequently. Your party habits fu*k with your head. They ruin relationships with great friends and completely stand in your way professionally. I feel… a guilt like no other guilt that I have ever felt is going to be bestowed… a pawn? a pun?… upon me. The odds are more against me than those poor lovelies way back when at the Alamo.

Those are the words of someone who knows he hasn’t got it all figured out, who is trying to be better, and who strongly suspects he is fighting a losing battle against himself. That internal doubt , that lack of fear to confront it… it’s his leg up on the average Joe. He’s in his own face throwing down a memo to self: “DON’T BE AN IDIOT!”
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