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Letter to a Friend re: Scientific Censorship at the Cornell ArXiv Archives

Shadow of Death
Shadow of Death by Brian Naughton

Dear [friend],

Thank you for sharing that information with me regarding your work on “Extended Relativistic Particle Physics.” You are not alone in your work in this area. I know of others doing similar work who are effectively “blacklisted” from the corridors of scientific progress [the Cornell Archives at ArXiv.org].

One way you can indirectly affect the debate is to send people to a thread on PhysOrg I have been posting to “Challenging Dominant Physics Paradigms.” I have made several posts you may find of interest since it was started. People need to get involved and have their voices heard, because silence is your worst enemy; because without the “shout out” to the world at large, no one else can hear the quietude I am positive rings all too clearly in your head. Here is a direct link to the second page of the thread…

Challenging Dominant Physics Paradigms

Information, after all, is power, kind of the point of the conversation in the first place.

My feeling is that the Scientific Community may not be capable of dealing with this on their own as Noam Chomsky suggested [they ought to do] in his letter to Carlos Castro Perelman — the power dynamics are too entrenched — and the 4th Estate needs to get involved. As a microcosm of the bigger picture, in terms of FEAR — and the fact that you “half-expect” yourself to be relegated to the margin yourself is quite indicative of this dynamic — please do also take a gander here…

Laissez Faire Libel?

As for me, [friend], my personal stake, aside from a healthy dose of outrage at what strikes me as out and out “censorship” is this:

In Jungian/Paulian fashion, I believe that patterns of perception and organization that arise from natural phenomena follow also natural law, meaning e=mc^2 and Quantum Mechanics and so on, may well apply to people and social systems as well as to the workings of the cosmos. The connecting principle? Essentially what one might refer to as “social string theory.” This is, of course, all HYPOTHESIS, but given what we EMPIRICALLY know already, for instance regarding the Butterfly Effect and Zipf’s Law and The Long Tail, and via the work of physicists such as Barabasi, it certainly seems a less than ludicrous area to pursue, or at least talk about pursuing within the ivory halls of Academia.

My dream, or one of them (I have many), is to be ONE OF the founders of a new discipline “Cognitive Physics,” which would be a consilience-based approach to the natural sciences incorporating some of the statistical and qualitative techniques of the social sciences — the goal would be to get physicists and psychologists, sociologists and mathematicians, etc. all working together and cross-pollinating knowledge — but in order to do that I must first get inside the “system,” specifically into Academia (I want to study Economic Sociology through a Network Theory / Functionalist / Symbolic Interactionist lens…).

Is there a place for me inside “the system”?

Maybe, yes, maybe no. But this much I do know: There OUGHT to be a place for me, and others like me. The time may have come, but only if we WILL it to come.

Bottom line is that our interests are aligned. I look forward to further communication down the line.

Kindest Regards,

Letter from Noam Chomsky to Carlos Castro Perelman
What is Consilience? (via Wikipedia)

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