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Evolving Points of Reference – Cognitive Physics (Part IV: Conceptual Influences)

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George Kingsley Zipf (Linguistics & Power Laws), Edward Witten (String Theory), Edward O. Wilson (Consilience, Social Complexity, Cognitive Blind Spots), Wikipedia (The Collective Wisdom of the Collective), Divakar Viswanath (Order in Chaos), Giambattista Vico (The First Principles Approach), Jan Vermeer (Diffusion of Light), Petr Tyc (Kinetics of Movement), Jan Tinbergen (A Gravity Model of Economics), Tom Stoppard (The “Implicate Order” in Life), Clay Shirky (Power Laws and Inequality), Sam Shepard (“Psycho-Geography” and “Lies of the Mind”), Matthew Salganik (Hidden Populations), William Shakespeare (Storytelling, Measure for Measure “Metrology” of the Psyche), Bernhard Riemann (The “Linear” Curve), Srinivasa Ramanujan (The “Implicate” Order in Mathematics), Pythagoras (Linear Equilibrium & Proportion), Claudius Ptolemaeus (Epicycles), Plato (Metonymy, Structure, Dialectic), Picasso (POV, Internal Fracture), Carlos Castro Perelman (Applied Number Theory), Leonardo da Pisa (Progression as Embedded Algorithm), Sir Roger Penrose (Penrose Tiling), Charles Peirce (Symbolic Logic), Ovid (Metamorphosis) H. Pierre Noyes (Bit String Physics), Don Norman (Emotion & Desgn), Friedrich Nietschze (The “Overman”), Jacob Nielsen (Usability), Fred Myers (Universal Time, Alternate Definitions of “Ownership”), Karl Marx (Systemic Clash and Dialectic), Benoit Mandelbrot (Complexity from Simplicity, Measure as Relative Construct), Anestis Logothetis (Visual Music), Mario Livio (The Golden Ratio), A. Garrett Lisi (Root Systems), Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz (The Relative Zero), Bruno LaTour (Material/Semiotic Correspondences), R.D Laing (The Divided Self, Intelligent Interdependence), LIFE EXPERIENCE, Akira Kurosawa (Social Relativity and POV), Milan Kundera (Question as Action), Johannes Kepler (Elliptical Curves, Twin Loci), D.R. Kaprekar (Number System Cyclicality), Daniel Kahneman (Prospect Theory), Franz Kafka, Carl Jung (Syncretism, Archetypes, The “Quantum” Psyche), Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis), Vaclav Havel (Social Fusion by Diffusion), Gothamist.com Interviewees (The Zeitgeist), Malcolm Gladwell (Scale Free Networks, Intuition as Pre-Conscious Knowledge), Todd Gitlin (The “As if” Principle), Galileo Galilei (Relative Motion), Buckminster Fuller (Tensegrity), Sigmund Freud (Binary/Trinary Systems of the Psyche, Psychic Relativity, Free Association), Charles R. Frank, Jr. (The Indivisible Commodity, Cogeneration), Michel Foucault (Deconstructivism, Power as Dynamical System, Self-Censorship), Richard Feynman (Hieroglyphic Semiotic Deconstruction), Paul Erdos (Elegance in Simplicity), Albert Einstein (Relativity Theory, The Worldline), Ida Dupont (Participatory Action Research), Daniel Dennett (Dialectical Model of Consciousness through Time), Paul Dimaggio (Cultural Capital), Nicolaus Copernicus (The Copernican Principle), Auguste Comte (Sociology as the “Hardest” of all Sciences), Matthew Caws (Balancing the Human “Equation”), Joseph Campbell (Cross Cultural Mythological and Symbolic Syncretization and Synthesis), David Bohm (Material Interdependenc), Laszlo Barabasi (Mathematical Modeling of Social Networks), Aristotle (Categories), Archimedes (Heuristic Mathematical Approximation)


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