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Dreaming is Composing
Dreaming is Composing by Mattijn Franssen

Courage. Hope. Care. Boojummy. The term is derived from Louis Carroll’s Hunting of the Snark. The Boojum, the most dangerous kind of snark, is found on an island many months sail from England, betwixt and between the dark crevices and crags. When you find one, so they say, you disappear. Forever. I kind of like to think it’s because you find yourself. In addition to courage, hope and care, you also need thimbles and forks – think Robert Frost two roads in a wood, not last night’s dinner – when you set out on a snark hunt.

Because, you see, it’s all about the weave and the darn. The doomed and the damned need not be either. They can be better than they were. Better. Stronger. Happier. In themselves and for us, if only we give them choices and alternatives to light moons and mommify all those hardened hearts.

Now, you can ask yourself, what the hell is this guy talking about? But you’d kind of be missing the point because the whole point is that there is no single point and so you’ve got to kind of go elliptically around and about and through and over and under and around, zigging the light and zagging the fright and tickling the dark and missing or maybe making the mark because, you see, it’s all connected, the big and the small, from the round, smooth marbleized Universe of Einstein right on down to every darn gluon, quark, atom and molecule of the woodified mind of man and woman and blade of grass a hummingbird wind sways back and forth in oscillating rhythm beneath the thousand million blossoms of that cherry tree rocking to the rhythms of a white house gale.

We can make it better. And we can make it even betterer together. I’d like to figure out a way because the weight is a gift when you’re strumming the nada surf riff, but it’s hard as hell to carry it all on your own, so tell you what…

… let’s take it back to 1.

It’s a called a PROGRESSION.

Boojummy Business Artivism, Business, art and non partisan activism. Think of it as bottom up, side to side grass roots entrepreneurship aka trickle up economics aka tomorrow’s economy of heart today. Those at the bottom of the economic pyramid – the base – and there is nothing base at all about not having money and never let anyone tell you differently, need to work together and fight for the light and the zight, the zight being the time mind all universal in a velvet kind of concerted way.

Because isn’t that what a concert is all about? Making music? Together? We, the artists, CAN make a difference.

I know what I’m talking about here. I lived in Prague, the Czech Republic, a country led by a poet, Vaclav Havel, back in the 90’s, and I designed the lighting for “A Christmas Carol” and walked upon the self same stage Havel walked as a stagehand, the same theater in which famed theater director Petr Lebl hung himself from the rafters just a few years ago in what I see as protest at the direction he saw the world taking. He was discovered during a show by one of the actors who happened to look up right on cue. I think he was making a point:


The show stopped.

Or did it?

The show never ever stops people. It goes on and on and on… and on. And I think that’s the point Lebl was really trying to make. It was his last direction. The show must go on because we ourselves ARE the show.

The goal is to build the groundwork in 2007, a year I hope will go down in history as the YEAR OF COMMUNITY, to get Boojummy Business Artivism up and flying some time in the near future to that place where the Lewis Carroll boojum went.

But I can’t do it alone. No one can. We’ve got to do it TOGETHER and that means you and you and you and you and you. And if not you, then who? The other guy? I don’t have it all down. I’m learning on the fly, but the Boojummy Grand Vision includes ideas for a blog network, books, artistic promotions, gallery shows, CD releases, an open source knowledge and arts exchange and much, much more, everything working together like a symphonic Time Warner / AOL of by and for the people, or maybe like a tapestry because that’s what it is. Not just a symphony. Not just a tapestry, but a symphony AND a tapestry. It’s all connected.

Duck balancers in Misty London touch Gardiners in polite Toronto. Bucharest touches Seattle. Hong Kong touches Chicago. Amsterdam touches New York. Men live side by side for decades and know not even the faces of the lives they touch.

But there are some folks out there who have touched mine and they know who they are. That’s the ripple effect in action and I’d like to carry that ripple a little further. Help me pass on the world and the word. It will make a difference, if only to those who come after like Johnny Appleseeded points of light grown ripe; if only to your children’s children who may one day read of the hope and the courage and the care of those of us who fought in ways large and small to serve and protect not just you, not just us, but ALL of us in these days many are calling the “End of Days.”

I want you to think ahead to the joy it will bring you when that time comes, that time beyond the end of days. I want you to imagine in your head the joy and the glee in their voices when they read the history books and the light of recognition dawns and they cry out: “That’s Grandad! That’s Grandma!”

It’s why we do this. It’s why we fight.


Let’s do it again.

Let’s take it back to 1.

post updated on November 26, 2007 to edit out near term financial fundraising target.


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