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Life @ the Speed of Phi: Falling into sky?

Falling Into Sky? courtesy of the marvellously talented Giampaolo Macorig

To jump without a net is the scariest thing imaginable. It is the essence of courage. To weave a net first is the smartest… The Definition of Insanity is to jump without a net believing you can weave the net midair.


More quotes and aphorisms by Raphie Frank for inclusion in “Life @ the Speed of Phi,” a book to be illustrated by photographers the world over.

Read Interview with Robert Margolis, director, writer, psychologist, economist and actor.


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Fighting for the Zight: Angels, Tricksters & Light

design and concept by Raphie Frank and Mattijn Franssen

Coming Soon, one voice, one idea and one dollar at a time.

Full Size Mockup
Photo Page Mockup

NOTE: A portion of proceeds raised will go to yet TBD non-profits, including CIVIC, because the work that Marla Ruzicka began is work we should all continue.

Read: A Christmas Story for Marla Ruzicka, part of Flitter, Glitter, Jiggle & Jag: 11 Compositions, Progressions and Impressions in the key of Z.

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Flitter, Glitter, Jiggle & Jag

11 Compositions, Progressions & Impressions in the key of Z
for translation into sound, image, movement & light
choreography by Caribeth Klemundt somewhere in New York somewhere some time…

“pink” by Chrisseserville

If I can I will mold your heart straight past the stone
To the Michaelengeloed koan
On the left side of tears to the right side of home
Where left is just right and just left is all gone.

Your inside my right side, my left side your out
We can flitter and glitter and jiggle and jag
And then I’ll always be with you as you spin through my light
Like thunder of plunder feathered blossoms of lime
Lotused blind rapture I promise never to hide

As you flitter and glitter and jiggle and jag
Your skiff, scuffed glassed spirit back to the top of the crag
Where the spun lake of silk honey-toppped by soft milk
Lets you flitter and glitter and jiggle and jag
Dancing to tunes we both hear from inside

On top as below, in rhythm or stag
Inside from the inside and outside the same
Angel and Monster, guide through the gloam
Your body I want just when you are home

My inside your outside and my left side your out
We will flitter and gltter and jiggle and jag
And tumble through terror knowing neither nor lag.
I know what I want my sweet angled angel inside
She’s already mine and feels so free she is blind.

That flitter, that glitter, that jig and that jag
Are her very own heralds that the pumpkin inside
Has finally popped open jacko-laughingly laughingly
Like a cracked corn on skylight
Through the gloam came her light.

A Christmas Story for Marla Ruzicka
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