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Pressure is Aggression to the Monkey in the Man

Foundry no. 2 by egg theorem. UPDATE: Dedicated by Raphie on 4/13/2007 to the Man Without a Country,” Kurt Vonnegut (RIP)

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Pressure is aggression

These words, come to me direct from the keyboard of talented Flickr photographer, writer and thinker, Mariana Tomas, kind of got me thinking in an eggs on the ceiling, blown gasket or “Let them eat cake” manner. See, I sent Mariana an email earlier today asking about something we are working on together, a book of aphorisms for the 21st Century Quantum Age called Life at the Speed of Phi, and she replied in a way only the artist might understand, that, more or less, she needed to get the time feng shui right.

What she meant by that — and the specific phrasing is mine, not hers — is that she didn’t want to pressure herself, pressure, she wrote, being “a form of aggression,” which I certainly understood in a “monkey on the back” kind of way, because I know a thing or two about monkeys, not unlike maybe that fellow in the photo up above might. Heck, sometimes, Type “A” dreamer that I am, it seems like I’ve got a whole zoo-full of monkeys hanging out on a few jungle gyms in different parts of my mind just licking their lips and waiting to pounce the first chance they get.

Anyway, as I said, it got me thinking. Just for “fun” apply that symbolic “monkey on the back” pressure we put on ourselves to entire country populations being told what to do by other countries or by their own governments. Apply that logic to people and peoples shut out of the American Dream in whatever language it is they dream. Apply it to folks who feel their choices have been taken away and their hopes for the future dashed. I bet they might just feel there’s a monkey or two hop-scotch tumbling about all over them and it might kind of irritate them.

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