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One of My Heroes :: Ana Crisan (photographer, “homeful” and animal rights activist)

photo courtesy Ana Crisan

Read some of the links below, and then take a look at the picture at bottom. If Ana’s fight for Chris Gardiner is not an example of courage at it’s finest, I do not know what is…



Here is a letter I sent out to “Calder Lorenz of The News is Now Public.” I believe it gives an overview of what I find myself referring to as Toronto’s “Homes to Houses” Push, kicking people hurting noone out of their homes and off the streets…

A Letter to Calder :: Think We Can Get The World to Get Toronto’s Back?

And this is Ana’s original appeal. I fight for Ana because she is fighting for her homeful, homeless friend Chris. I believe in her and she believes in him…

Help my friends PLEASE!!! NOW URGENT!!!

And who is Ana?

Ana trusts almost noone, folks….

See, Mysti, we fight for the people we care about. And our natural allies are the people with whom we share common interests, passions, hopes or desires. My connection to you, Mysti is that you are an optimist and know better. I found you through another photographer who liked you and so that influenced my opinion of you because I respect his judgement.

My connection to Ana is that she is afraid and feels alone and yet still fights the fights that need fighting. And she is JUST 23 years old and was homeless once herself. I used her pictures in early April to illustrate two of my songs that were meaningful to me.

Dandelion Feathers
Alone in a Crowd

It’s a story, Mysti. It’s a story of hope and redemption and overcoming fear to fight for what you believe. It’s LIFE, Mysti. That’s why you can’t just simplify it. There are a thousand different angles because Ana is a microcosm of the best in us all. Let her down now and I think we let all of ourselves down. Because we are all connected and we are all points of light in a universe otherwise far, far too dark.

Think about it, Mysti, is the one-eyed man yet still King if the blind guy has a gun and turns out all the lights?


Just think of Ana’s story and the story of the Homeful 20 as one of duck balancing. We’re in a quacky world, Mysti, doing the best we can to keep it happy and trying our darndest to keep it all from tumbling down. It’s hard sometimes, I know and it’s easy to get frustrated and give up.

That’s why we’ve got to talk to each other because we need to know that we are not alone as sometimes we think we are. And it all begins with an honest conversation…

Read Mysti’s Blog Momentary Lapses of Insanity
View Ana Crisan’s Photo Stream



December 28, 2006 - Posted by | Politics, Storytelling


  1. i just wanted to add my voice here… Ana’s one of my heroes too. Until you stated it, Raphie, i hadn’t realized i had any. Very good of you to showcase Ana in this way 🙂

    i just got done going through all her photos documenting the destruction of Chris’ house. You’re right about how brave Ana is and i hope that she continues to show us what life is, from her eyes to ours.

    My best to you and to everyone we connect to,


    Comment by Jace | January 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. Ditto to that Jace. Thanks for stopping by.

    Comment by Raphie Frank | January 6, 2007 | Reply

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  5. Hey, I’m Sofie =) And I think this Ana person whom I’ve never heard of before rox!!! I had to do some dumb boring project in gerography about your cultural hero (oh dear how exiting!) and i chose ana caus she’s so brave!! Sorry for posting this lame and not necessary comment, but i really felt like it…

    Comment by sofie... | December 15, 2007 | Reply

  6. There is nothing at all “lame” about your comment Sofie. There is no higher compliment Ana could receive and I am sure she will be very humbled, but proud to know someone out there got the message.


    Comment by Raphie Frank | December 15, 2007 | Reply

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