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Raphie Frank is a New York City-based interactive producer, writer, photographer and designer with sixteen years of hands-on cross-industry experience in a variety of managerial, creative and technical capacities in media including journalism, film & video, theater, music, commercial design and marketing communications. At heart, however, he considers himself a storyteller with the desire to tell reality-based stories with happy hopeful endings. He is currently engaged in a process to create the stories he wants to write about within a business context.

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One of My Heroes :: Ana Crisan (photographer, “homeful” and animal rights activist)

photo courtesy Ana Crisan

Read some of the links below, and then take a look at the picture at bottom. If Ana’s fight for Chris Gardiner is not an example of courage at it’s finest, I do not know what is…



Here is a letter I sent out to “Calder Lorenz of The News is Now Public.” I believe it gives an overview of what I find myself referring to as Toronto’s “Homes to Houses” Push, kicking people hurting noone out of their homes and off the streets…

A Letter to Calder :: Think We Can Get The World to Get Toronto’s Back?

And this is Ana’s original appeal. I fight for Ana because she is fighting for her homeful, homeless friend Chris. I believe in her and she believes in him…

Help my friends PLEASE!!! NOW URGENT!!!

And who is Ana?

Ana trusts almost noone, folks….

See, Mysti, we fight for the people we care about. And our natural allies are the people with whom we share common interests, passions, hopes or desires. My connection to you, Mysti is that you are an optimist and know better. I found you through another photographer who liked you and so that influenced my opinion of you because I respect his judgement.

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A Christmas Story for Marla Ruzicka

Marla Ruzicka via The Free Radical April 18, 2005 post Marla Ruzicka, a modern American heroine

There was once a war and many people died. There was also much collateral damage. The people were the collateral. And everyone saw who bothered to look, but pretended they didn’t. But there was one girl, a shining, sprite pixie of a blond with an amber smile who DID notice. And DID something. Not at the time — she was too young — but later, the next time she saw it happening. She went straight into the belly of the beast and shined the light she had inside outward so the world could see all the broken pieces that all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could not. And she tried to put humpty dumpty back together again, and she made a LOT of progress, but then it got dangerous, very dangerous, too dangerous even for this brave girl, and she couldn’t risk it anymore, staying where she was, and she recognized she needed to get away.

Her name was Marla, Marla Ruzicka and she died, trying to make her way home, in the flash of a car bomb that took her to the wrong side of the light for all us on the road to the airport in Baghdad April 16, 2005. She was but 28 years old and walked corridors with Senators, not behind, not in front, but beside, but also maybe behind and certainly in front too. Now we will all have to continue her work, because it will
take a village to finish the task that she began. She did it for us all. And now we’ve all got to give it back, not for her, but for all of us, but also for her. To honor the gifts she gave us.

Her favorite thing to do was to dance, and maybe that’s what we ought to do, all of us, this holiday season, if not on the ground, then in our heads and through our actions. Not for Marla, but for ourselves, but call it for Marla if that’s what you need to do to make it worthwhile enough.

May Peace and Sanity Will Out,
Raphie Frank
Business Artivist

P.S. If you like this story, pass it on. If you don’t, think about passing it on anyway so you can ask yourself “why not?”

Learn more about Marla on the CIVIC Website and on Wikipedia, the Google of knowledge.

And I Haven’t Danced Since He Died… by Mariana Tomas
Korean Kickboard Terrors

photo by Mariana Tomas, artwork by, broken crow

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