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Merry Christmas, you did a helluva job Rummy…

Everything Has to Go by Mattijn Franssen

“This man knows how to lead and he did” said President Bush a few days ago of Donald Rumsfeld in a grand, ceremonial sendoff. Read Story

Snipes, Logomancy & So So Psychosis could not agree more. Mr.Rumsfeld, according to Cheney, "our nation’s finest Defence Secretary," led us all right, straight into our nation’s worst foreign policy debacle since Vietnam, managing somehow to miss the twelve volume State Department plan that foresaw just about every potential obstacle that eventually came to pass, or rather, block, the new and peaceful Iraq we will now never know may or may not have come to pass.

So, in this time of Holiday cheer, I just want to say:

You did a helluva job Rummy.

I salute you for it and wish a pleasant, healthy and safe Christmas to you and yours… AT HOME. I imagine you to be a wonderful and engaging storyteller somewhere in a gabled cozy mansion around a fired family hearth. Oh, I know, going home is not quite the upgrade from the White House hallowed halls as the Astrodome was for all those lucky "refugees" who managed down in New Orleans to escape those Attic-ish nightmare deaths, gasping for breath like so many Christmas carp in Prague, but still, sir, not so bad.

Just give it time. The third time, they say, is a charm and I am sure you have learned much, serving under TWO American Presidents, George W. Bush and… Richard M. Nixon. How is that, again, you were able to get past White House security? Ah, right, my mistake, this is the neo-Reagan Administration and, no disrespect to our President’s feel-good predecessor, but security in this administration is of a distinctly Voodoo nature.

Perhaps of interest to a few readers believing we have been protected by this administration is a post I wrote a while back, Voodoo Security here on Political Cortex. The fact of the matter, folks, is that we’ve got a 3X better chance in the world of death by terrorism under Bush than we did under Clinton even after adjusting for those extinguished Thousand Points of Light Through the Ariadne Maze.

To paraphrase the tagline over on SameFacts.com, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but not his or own facts. All the same, it’s just got to be telling opinion-wise that as of May 2004 81% of historians already rated George Bush’s Presidency a failure

Thank you, Mr. Rumsfeld for your leadership in the absence of Presidential leadership. We all appreciate it, I believe, and that’s a fact. You may as well not believe in Santa Claus.



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