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Art as Light and a Smiled Melody

Music Man” courtesy of Sam Stearman

Art, for me, is all about the Light in the most literal, but also most figurative, of senses. The medium through which the light travels is irrelevant; as much the word or the song or the clay or light itself as the image. In whatever form it takes, I seek to sculpt it, write it, edit it, paint it, carve it, compose or weave it into bundled forms of expression that refract inside to touch the thousand aspects of the self and outside to touch the thousand aspects of the other. Expressions that then bounce and bend and refract back again; colliding and weaving together across space and through time fashioning constellations of subjective and shared meaning alike.

That place where all roads meet and the one becomes the many and the many the one like a brilliant sun; in that moment, in that instant we sometimes call “eternity” that light shines through as a smiled melody sounding through even the most shattering of sorrows.

Music Man, by Flickr Star photographer / artist (and master of “light”), Sam Stearman. View his work on his website SamSays.com or his fan faves here.

I’m going to have to cancel my subscription to National Geographic–Sam’s photos are better. – ozoni11

December 16, 2006 - Posted by | Art

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