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Synchronicities of the Happily Converging Road

"The Invitation" courtesy of Mattijn Frannsen

Ah, indeed, all roads do converge in the artistic world I have increasingly come to term "thought art," a thoroughly inexpensive alternative to, say, wrapping the Reichstag, or Gating Central Park, requiring not so much as a paint brush or a camera to partake.

Months ago I published the results of
The Happiness Survey and right around the same time I put up a post entitled What is Prospect Theory? actually the post in this little tiny corner of the blogosphere that has received the most number of hits. Little did I know that behind both posts was the mind of one very original "thought artist, Daniel Kahneman (Update: actually the Happiness survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center), a world-reknowned psychologist best known for his groundbreaking work in the fields of behavioral finance and hedonic psychology

According to the Daily Princetonian, in an article from January of 2005:

A national quality of life index based on a new research method may soon supplement indicators like the gross domestic product.

Noble laureate and Wilson School professor
Daniel Kahneman and economist Alan Krueger were part of an
inter-university team that developed the Day Reconstruction Method for
measuring the emotional quality of people’s daily experiences…

According to the article Kahneman holds that "the new approach is necessary for measuring the ‘burden of disease’ that results from the stress of daily life."

Call Kahneman my new hometown hero and rewind the clock back 39 years and change, back to the day my father, then a Princeton Professor of Economics (the youngest ever at the time) received an annoying call from one of his students. "I’d love to talk to you," my father said, "but my wife has gone into labor and I have to take her to the hospital."

"Please, Professor Frank," the brushed off student retorted in distinctly unhappy timbre. If you don’t want to talk to me, then just tell me, but don’t expect me to fall for that!  Do you think I’m stupid!?!"

Or he said something like that. I was there to hear it, but all those contractions my mother was having kind of muffled the voice on the other end of the phone. A few hours later, in quite possibly the fastest pop off to the hospital and pop out to the world ever, I was born at Princeton Hospital at around 8:15pm. The day was Monday, September 4th, 1967: Labor Day, the Summer of Love.

I’ve been trying to get back home ever since, but I took the scenic route. One day, though, I believe I’ll get there. And that’s the point. Belief, right along with hope; it’s a factor of production and I think Professor Kahnemann may know a thing or two we should ALL be listening to…


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Art as Light and a Smiled Melody

Music Man” courtesy of Sam Stearman

Art, for me, is all about the Light in the most literal, but also most figurative, of senses. The medium through which the light travels is irrelevant; as much the word or the song or the clay or light itself as the image. In whatever form it takes, I seek to sculpt it, write it, edit it, paint it, carve it, compose or weave it into bundled forms of expression that refract inside to touch the thousand aspects of the self and outside to touch the thousand aspects of the other. Expressions that then bounce and bend and refract back again; colliding and weaving together across space and through time fashioning constellations of subjective and shared meaning alike.

That place where all roads meet and the one becomes the many and the many the one like a brilliant sun; in that moment, in that instant we sometimes call “eternity” that light shines through as a smiled melody sounding through even the most shattering of sorrows.

Music Man, by Flickr Star photographer / artist (and master of “light”), Sam Stearman. View his work on his website SamSays.com or his fan faves here.

I’m going to have to cancel my subscription to National Geographic–Sam’s photos are better. – ozoni11

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