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Community Theatre in Prague: Asylum

Asylum Culture House, Prague 1993

In it’s mission to “provide space to disenfranchised groups” Asylum was perhaps the one English-language theatrical organization in Prague during the 1990’s that fits the definition of “Community Theatre” by Jacquweline Lo and Helen Gilbert:

Community theatre is characterized by social engagement; it is theatre primarily committed to bringing about actual change in specific communities… The constitution of the performance group and the subject matter may be organized around common interests (such as gender, ethnicity, or shared social experience) or defined in terms of geographical location. Multicultural community theatre generally incorporates a range of languages and cultural resources, including performing traditions, drwn from the community.

From PERFORMING CULTURES: ENGLISH-LANGUAGE THEATRES IN POST-COMMUNIST PRAGUE by Dr. Gwen Orel (AB English, AB Classics, 1987, AM English 1987 from Stanford University; Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh, 2005)

As far as I know, this dissertation is the most comprehensive history of English Language Theatre in Prague during the 1990’s, representing literally thousands of hours of writing, research, fact checking and cross verification. While it needs a bit of fine-tuning before entering final book form, you heard it here first that this will be THE history of the time that will be referenced for generations to come…


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