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The User-centric Approach to Website Design

Playing again with Mondrian
Playing again with Mondrian” courtesy of *Christine

The User-centric Approach to Website Design
by Raphie Frank , for swandivedigital, January 2003

Your guide could not be here. You will have to go through on your own.
– Voice from a loudspeaker

The Internet, in spite of the boundless opportunity for connection and interaction with others it provides, is fundamentally a user-controlled , solitary medium. Whether within the comfort of a home or the confines of an office cubicle, the typical Internet user will still be sitting there, alone, with a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor and will need to figure out how to go from A to B or accomplish Z. The trick for those who design and maintain websites is to provide Internet users with the best possible direction and guidance within a richly useful, pleasant environment.

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