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Would We See Graffiti Bearing the Word WATER in our Part of the World?

from the Watercone in Yemen tested by Care Page at Watercone.com

Kind of ironic, eh?

Water = Life & Wine = Spirit

Yeah, baby, we got a whole lot ‘o water and a whole lot ‘o life and a whole lot ‘o wine this here Western way. And last I heard, we’ve got God on OUR side too. We got it ALL here in America. I thank the Good Lord that we’ve also got all the human beings too otherwise that Water marking that there wall might actually MEAN something to our born-again Christian President.

What was that rich man camel needle thing again in the Good book? Doggone, but my memory fails me for once… I coulda swore I read something about alms for the poor and all that?

Ooops, my mistake. Those folks over there are Towelheads! What dummies! They’re so damn dumb they don’t even know they’re already dry! Ha! Idiots! Well, no worries. That don’t concern me none because I’m an AMERICAN, and only got brought up Christian. You can’t blame a kid fer his upbringing, right? And you know what else? If’n you don’t like it HERE, then go on over there back where you came…

Oh, you came from HERE?

Damn right I did. A fourth generation eldest son of the American Dream. Yeeehaw! Don’t EVEN get me going baby. We were born to fly and they were born to die.

This is NOT my America. No way. No how. I don’t think it’s your America either. Got a problem with that? Who the heck hey wants to come out of their spirit spider holes and tell me that being more Christian than a Christian, believing in diplomacy and peace; and justice and liberty and freedom for all; taking a stand against torture and for freedom of the press and a LIVING Constitution, not one that takes us back to slavery days is giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

Who the holy heck is going to talk all high and mighty like about the J-man and tell me that THIS is the American Dream he’s sitting there all right handed and all, patting Him on the back, saying “Hey, good job Dad.” Where the bloody hell is your SHAME America? Wake the heck on up… Did you all miss the memo where it says The New Deal was all about making sure we didn’t succumb to violent revolution?

Well. THINK people. Ever heard of GLOBALIZATION?

Is that a fiddle I hear there somewhere drifting through those fired dry sands? Hath the Stony Curtain descended and are we so far gone that being an AMERICAN has somehow become UN-AMERICAN? God save your soul if you criticize the best in Jesus in all of us, whether man or far, far more. One thing I know that we can agree on is THIS: Jesus was a human being also. Has it become as un-Christian to be Christian as Un-American to be American?

Rhodaline, who recently wrote me regarding Mariana and her story regarding her murdered cousin in Croatia, telling me there was a “reason” God had taken him, there IS a reason indeed. Same way as there was a REASON 12 million Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Gays Handicapped, etc, etc. etc. died back during World War II. A whole lotta good men did exactly what they are doing now? You don’t know what that is?


You would know if they were. Just look at the picture below and watch out below because if we do NOTHING, we’re ALL going to be coming in for a mighty hard landing…

Off-Guard” courtesy of the absurdly talented Mattijn


July 9, 2006 - Posted by | Politics


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