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WORLDZIGHT – an improvisational experiment in global participatory democracy…

The premise behind WorldZight is to bring together trans-global constituencies bound together by race, religion, issues, convergence of interest, or any one of a number of “metonymic” (a part used for the whole) connections to a given “cause” in a peaceful, non-obstructive manner.

The goal of WorldZight is to demonstrate to local, regional and national governments world-wide that citizen democracy can STILL work even in an increasingly globalized, yet micro-segmented, society that works to simultaneously concentrate means of communication in the hands of a few while dividing constituencies into ever smaller self-coalescing micro-constituencies.

These simultaneous trends threaten to work hand in hand to frustrate attempts to generate popular consensus on pressing global issues even as the means (the “pipes”) by which to express dissent become ever more subject to corporate whim.

WorldZight ,born of improvisational necessity late in the afternoon on July 2nd, 2006, is inspired by Ana Crisan’s dogged determination to protect her friend Chris’ unjust eviction from his home of many, many years beneath Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway.

The Worldzight action is based on a still emerging theory of BUSINESS ARTIVISM, blending together business, art and NON-PARTISAN activism and utilizes a model for political discourse and direct action based on community theater-type means of communication transmission such as those that contributed to the peaceful downfall of the totalitarian state government in Czechoslovakia during the early 1990’s, an action referred to in common culture as “The Velvet Revolution”

WorldZight firmly believes that one-to-one or one-to-few outreach directed outward from the central point of conflict can work in tandem with judiciously selected micro-targeted mass media outlets and direct action by incentivized constituencies to serve as a countervailing balance against increasingly dangerous Gilded Age economic policies that increase class separation via concentration of wealth and decrease communication via an increase of technological anonymity. The goal is NOT revolution, but velvet-style change and transformation from within.

We ask for your help making Worldzight a success it’s very first time out. The point we most want to convey is that the voice and they eyes will not just go away after the deed is done. With citizen democracy there is no such thing as a fait accompl.

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