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Introducing “Trickle Up Economics” (aka “The One Song”)

Come on Pino We’re Going Home” courtesy of the absurdly talented Mattijn

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Dear Ana,

It is not this person or that person that is sick but the entire way of the world. WE NEED BETTER OPTIONS and through business artivism I believe we can offer those options to people, not to everyone, but at least to some and that can have a dramatic effect on policy the world over, especially in a global economy trending ever and ever closer toward “diffused” rule by corporation .

Understand that and you’ll understand why I am embracing a a profit motive with respect to my business artivist approach. You see, Ana, profit motive provides a much-needed incentive for people to “do the right thing.”. The “average” person (we are ALL unique!) is so harried and scrambling just to earn a living wage that he or she has no time to think. Those who think and see the injustice all around often say “screw money!”

The truth, though, Ana, is that we do need money to survive. So when those without money say they don’t care about it they become JUST AS MUCH THEIR OWN ENEMY as “the system” they despise because they think they can do nothing and so do nothing. Now what happens? Those with money see those without money doing nothing and think “Ah, they deserve it! They’re lazy!”


That’s a problem.

Those with money do not even realize the ways in which they are safeguarding injustice because their view is reasonable based on what they know. I know this for a fact because I know many, many people with a lot of money and they believe it fair to only give to those who do not need money. Strange, I know, Ana, but true. It’s just the way the world is and it baffles me as much as you.

The point is, Ana, there is almost never a “pay off” for doing the right thing and that is what we are trying to put an end to. We can all move up together if we fight together and if we stick together and if we pull up others behind us as we climb up our very own personal “beanstalks” to those rainbows behind the roiling clouds that block the light but not the tune we seek in the “One Song” we call “The Universe.”. In the meantime, though, those clouds offer scant protection to those below seeking cover on the flood plains by those Astrodomes our rulers view as Heaven for the heathenish. But, one thing… you can’t just sit there and wait around thinking tomorrow will be a new day. Doing things tomorrow the same way you did them yesterday is what is affectionately termed “The Definition of Insanity.”

I call my approach, amongst other names, trickle-up economics, a mirror to trickle down economics, interestingly enough, pioneered at least in part in its modern form by my grandfather (according to my mother, who brags a lot, so I’ll have to check on that…), a supply side economist appointed by FDR to the SEC. And our currency is heart and spirit, not money. But money can and will follow if we have the courage of our conviction and the perserverance to, as Dylan Thomas so eloquently put it, “Rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light!” We will not go gentle into that good night. The New York Times called it “Death By Smiley Face” although they somehow left out the financial profit motive, perhaps I guess, because even those practicing it, such as Craig’s List, do not understand the dynamic behind what they are doing. I do. Hey, right place, right time, very wrong global attitudes…

It’s simple, Ana. Blindingly simple. It’s Economics 101. There is a short supply of heart and spirit in the world and we can create a market for it.; and it all begins with an honest conversation. We can do it just like Enron created a market for electricity in California (ask me, if you don’t understand!). But Enron did it for the wrong reason, GREED, and we do it for the right reason, LOVE. And we all know that greed without spirit amounts to about as much life force as a hole without the doughnut. around it…

Anyway, Ana Crisan of Romania who came to Toronto at the age of 10, my favorite age, I hope you feel very, VERY proud of what you are doing! And I hope your parents are proud of you too. They should be! I hope you will show this to them because:

The things you started doing at 23, my second most favorite age, are really and truly making an impact AROUND THE WORLD! I guess networking runs in the Romanian blood. I learned all about how to do it from my step-mother who is also from Romania (she’s helped a LOT of people Ana in a one to one way…). She left Bucharest as a 16-year old and returned only recently to run a magazine there. The world is a very, very small place indeed, considering I did not even know you were Romanian until a couple weeks ago, and no matter where we are we must remember this: all roads lead home, even perchance, should we set down the road less traveled.

It really can make all the difference.

Your friend and Flickr Family,


July 2, 2006 - Posted by | Business, Economics, Philosophy, Politics


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