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Introducing “Trickle Up Economics” (aka “The One Song”)

Come on Pino We’re Going Home” courtesy of the absurdly talented Mattijn

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Dear Ana,

It is not this person or that person that is sick but the entire way of the world. WE NEED BETTER OPTIONS and through business artivism I believe we can offer those options to people, not to everyone, but at least to some and that can have a dramatic effect on policy the world over, especially in a global economy trending ever and ever closer toward “diffused” rule by corporation .

Understand that and you’ll understand why I am embracing a a profit motive with respect to my business artivist approach. You see, Ana, profit motive provides a much-needed incentive for people to “do the right thing.”. The “average” person (we are ALL unique!) is so harried and scrambling just to earn a living wage that he or she has no time to think. Those who think and see the injustice all around often say “screw money!”

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A Letter to Ashoka.org Re: Ana Crisan & Chris Gardiner


Dear Sir or Madam,

May I kindly draw your attention to this urgent call (see below) I received through one of my contacts in Toronto, Ana Crisan, being member of the international photo community, flickr.com, who herself lived on the streets of Toronto several years ago.

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