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Alone In a Crowd

Imaginary girl” by Ana Crisan

To Mysti2 in London: Why Ana Crisan’s (Spirited_Away) fight against “Homes to Houses” matters…

Another song from the collegiate archive…

All alone in a crowd
Under a misty shroud
Like teardrops in my eye
But I never, never can cry

Help me please, help me out
What is it all about?
I need to know right now, right now

I am so confused I know
I need to laugh, I need to cry
I need to cry but I don’t know how

Look at me, look about
All the people yell and shout
But they don’t know why, don’t try
To understand
Help me cry
I need to cry

I am lost, I am found
I am going round and round
But I never make a sound

Go away, no, come to me
Can’t you see, Can’t you please
See that I’m so lonely

Ever feel like that? If so, you’re not alone and you need to know that. This is the world of so, so many out there, and we simply choose not to see or acknowledge it because we our ashamed of our own humanity. We think it weak to need other people. Speaking only for myself, I think the “I don’t need anyone” riff is about the biggest crock of sh*t we’ve got going on this planet.

View Ana Crisan‘s Lonely People pool on Flickr

June 22, 2006 - Posted by | Storytelling

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  1. Beautiful, and poignant…

    Thank you!


    Comment by Misty | June 27, 2006 | Reply

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