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URGENT!!! :: HELP ANA HELP CHRIS… [Friendster]

IMPENDING EVICTION :: Homes To Houses ain’t the way to Clean Up Toronto.

CLARIFICATION: Ana does not know exactly when the planned home eviction will take place, but assume it’s soon. Very soon. Ana will be there tomorrow and I hope some Press will be there with her. But I’m going to tell you something. Be gentle with Ana. She is scared and I am trying to help her not be. Screw with her and your screw with me. That’s what I just told her when we spoke on the phone. And believe me, I’m not much fun when I’m mad. I’m a motherfuc*er to behold.

This is Friendster folks. I believe in Ana and Ana believes in Chris…

Please just go to the link above and see what is going on, okay? ill post more here when I get a chance…

ana crisan…
“Please, this is a man that has been living on the
streets for a very long time after a terrible accident. I
met him 8 years ago when I was homeless myself and
living in the same place he is still living now. ..”

And people, PLEASE, don’t start saying nice things about me behind my back. Just DO SOMETHING. Tell SOMEBODY. ANYTHING, but sit there and say “wow, that’s pretty cool. wish I was like that. Okay?


June 19, 2006 - Posted by | Internet, Politics

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  2. interesting how yer on Blogger & WordPress & Friendster*

    yer well-linked*

    & well-liked*


    Comment by billywarhol | June 26, 2006 | Reply

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