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Drive Thru L.A. :: Pinhole 45 on Flickr

This photo is the work of talented photographer, filmmaker and writer Daryl Furr, my frequent fellow film lighting technician back in the day (i.e. Happiness, Empire) and co-administrator of Flickr’s newest Large Format Pinhole Photography Group Pinhole45, a photo pool, as Daryl puts it “devoted to those crazy enough to use the largest and most expensive film with cameras that don’t even have lenses!”

Take a gander at the group. There are some extremely talented photographers you’ll find there. In the future, Daryl and I will be pleased to highlight some of their work for you here and elsewhere upon the grand old WWW, assuming, of course, that is something that might interest them…

View Daryl’s Furr’s Flickrstream or take a break from the still life and view one or two of his motion graphic videos.

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