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Sam’s Stearman’s 7

brought to you by the 50fiftySHOULDBE Flickr group in cooperation with Boojummy

Sam’s Exotic Travels picks his top 7, oops, make that 8, pictures he believes worthy of 50 faves over on Flickr. By previous design, these pictures represent a mix of acknowledged and underappreciated Flickr stars.

Check out his picks of the pix folks, and if you’ve a think on it, drop a note to the photographers if you like their work or fave them if you are a Flickr member.

Sam calls himself an amateur. Take a look up above. That’s one of his “amateur” photos. Care to see more of his work? Visit his website at: Samsays.com. Oh… and PASS IT ON….


Sam’s 7 with commentary

A wonderful composition and story behind this photo and the series it is part of: only 26 favorites to date:

One more umbrella pic – this one a self portait shot in her bedroom window, very creative – this has 7 favorites:

This photo by one of my favorite mates from down under, has only 2 favorite votes – I really like the composition and subject:
(corrected link)

Niklens has some beautiful imagaes. I love this one, which has only been favored by 12:

Claude has so many pics, but this portrait must have escaped attention as it is stunning – currently at 21 favorites:

Wonderful candid portrait from India, with only 24 favorites:

This one from Mexico offers a different perspective, with great shadows. Only 14 favorites:

I know I have already picked 7, but how can I leave out this dark moody Iceland photo – it’s excellent – with 23 favorites

June 12, 2006 - Posted by | Photography

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