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How Much is Your Blog Worth?

Think I was joking about the value of links on my post Links for Money and the Sweat for Free at Huff Post & Gothamist? Take a look at Tristan Louis’ Octiber 2005 post Doing the numbers on the AOL-WeblogsInc deal. His post is definitely worth a read. In the meantime take a look at this fun little tool posted on the Business Opportunities Weblog Meantime, here are the Gothamist and Huffington Post Blog Valuations according to the tool…

Huffington Post

My blog is worth $5,114,167.86.
How much is your blog worth?


My blog is worth $1,567,163.04.
How much is your blog worth?

Care to bet a link that every blog on the FULL Huffington Post Blog Roll links back to Huff Post? There might be an oversight or two, but I challenge anyone out there to do their own research and I will gamble that it’s over 90% at least. This ain’t brain surgery kids. I haven’t checked and I don’t need to… It ain’t bad or wrong either. It’s simply how the game is played. And that’s why I invite anyone who comes this way hither to stop by Gothamist and invite them NICELY to link to their former staffers. They earned it and ought not to have to ASK for it especially since Gothamist continues to profit from the traffic they receive every time someone does a Google search for those people.

Remember: LINK = MONEY because links drive page views and search engine ranking. And anyone who tells you differently is a flat out, well… maybe they just dont know…. I do and that’s why I’m telling you.

Oh, and as for little old me? Don’t even bother checking. My most “valuable” blog is Politinotions (~$2800), mostly, I guess on the basis of the link I received from Juan Cole. I’ve hardly posted there since February because I was making more of a difference over on Friendster. Raphie Frank: Business Artivist is worth ZERO dollars and Snipes, Logomancy & So So Psychosis is “worth” a startling $1693.00 by comparison.

As I said, welcome to the first shadings of Internet 3.0, meaning business as usual. Only WE can make it different.

UPDATE #1: The folks over at Gothamist have indeed been quite busy and just today (June 14) inserted a link to this blog. Many thanks to Jen Chung, Tien Mao and Jake Dobkin, whose bios are accessible on the Gothamist Staff Page.


June 11, 2006 - Posted by | Business, Internet

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  1. My blog is worth zero,:( and I wrote a post about it at: http://www.annoyances.wordpress.com

    blessings to you.


    Comment by Shirley | June 11, 2006 | Reply

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