Raphie Frank :: business artivist

Raphie Frank :: Flickr Profile

Raphie is an interactive producer, writer. photographer and designer living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Raphie Frank :: Business Artivist
Snipes, Logomancy & So So Psychosis

Theatrical Publicity, Digital Portraits, Cityscapes, , Sculpture & Still life

flickr groups
boojummy, 50fiftySHOULDbe, Lost in “Thumbnail” Translation, Moiportrait , Moirror, Missing Persons, Nada Surf, Smilesplosion

:::: Gothamist Interviews
:::: Tomorrow’s Melody
:::: Eyes Yet Wide Shut?
:::: Riven Hearts (aka “Why I Write and Why I Fight”)
:::: Planning Warhol in Prague: Asylum & The Warholesquian Sensibility


for friends and the curious
unflickred tastes of here & there
Taste of Williamsburg, Taste of Paris I, Taste of Paris II, Taste of London, Taste of Prague

June 8, 2006 - Posted by | Photography

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