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Raphie Frank is a New York City-based interactive producer, writer, photographer and designer with sixteen years of hands-on cross-industry experience in a variety of managerial, creative and technical capacities in media including journalism, film & video, theater, music, commercial design and marketing communications. At heart, however, he considers himself a storyteller with the desire to tell reality-based stories with happy hopeful endings. He is currently engaged in a process to create the stories he wants to write about within a business context.

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Raphie is an interactive producer, writer. photographer and designer living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Raphie Frank :: Business Artivist
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What is Business Artivism?

I belive i can fly?
Alone it Stay” by Giampaolo Macorig

Business Artivism (“Tomorrow’s Economy of Heart Today”) is a business model for the 21st Century Information Age with an underlying philosophy that aims to enfranchise and monetize vast, untapped societal reservoirs of creative talent and goodwill. Primarily Education- Arts- and Media-driven, Business Artivism is differentiated from standard “Corporate Good Citizen” business model, first by it’s bottom-up, personal agency-based grass-roots blending of business, art and non-partisan activism; and secondly by the conscious hybrid approach intended to wed the digital age “heat lightning” of the Internet to flesh and blood people on the ground in the form of, for instance, offline arts-based benefits and promotions, book sales, art and photography exhibits, author readings and educational lectures.

The Business Artivist approach can be thought of as a financially incentivized, Social Entrepreneurial “franchise” (following a 27/73 profit split model for “for-profit” entities) that merges the contradictory yet nevertheless complementary values of independence and collaboration into one seamless “bricks and clicks” online and offline entirety. Constituent components of the Business Artivist enterprise can be envisioned in grand three dimensional matrix manner where, in Othello game-like fashion, more than one “piece” can be played simultaneously and exist in more than one space at one time in “virtual quantum” manner, thus creating multiple connections that allow for synergies well suited to trends towards micro-niche marketing.

While fundamentally non-partisan in nature, Business Artivism yet tends to the progressive socially even as it also rewards more traditional, conservative values such as personal initiative, hard work, innovation and talent-based merit. Of key note: Contributors to the Business Artivist network are themselves the network’s greatest promoters in six degrees “word of mouth” manner that utilizes similar channels of communication as political discourse at least in part because expenditures of time and creative energy are valued on a par with monetary investment. Organic growth from inside is encouraged while not excluding newcomers.

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