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Hard Day at the Asylum :: Prague 1993

Prague 1993

related academic writings:
:: Performing Cultures: English Language Theatres in Post-Communist Prague by Dr. Gwen Orel
:: Trans-Global Readings :: Crossing Theatrical Boundaries, A Sense of Place, Peter Dubois in Conversation with Caridad Svich*

* Please note that while the Caridad Svich interview with Peter Dubois is substantially accurate, the introduction overstates his role in the founding of Asylum and Peter himself is factually inaccurate with respect to the reasons behind the closing down of the enterprise. That said, Peter is a tremendously talented and innovative Director who staged Asylum’s first theatre production Bezmasky, a dance movement piece. Dubois is currently an Associate Director at the Public Theatre in NYC. He has a bright past and an even brighter future. I had the great pleasure of designing the lighting (with Erica Soehngen) for his staging of No Tragedy : A Small Czech MacBeth. Both theatrical pieces are discussed in Dr. Orel’s dissertation, and, in addition, one of the appendices is dedicated to a discussion of Peter, one of the few in the Prague 1990’s English Language Theater “scene” to yet achieve a degree of notoriety. Others will follow. Remember these names: Gregory Linington, Richard Toth, Chip Persons, Laura Zam… you heard it here first.

One of these days perhaps Peter will give me back the pictures I loaned him about EIGHT years ago. Peter, are you out there? Don’t make me track you down. I’m a stubborn one that way and want to get those pics scanned and put online…


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